My World Within -Kapil Sibal

‘How do poems grow? They grow out of your life.’ -Robert Penn Warren

Replete with wit, satire, humour, and a passionate awareness of the ever-changing world, Kapil Sibal’s collection of poetry is a testimony to Warren’s belief. With varied themes ranging from love, desire, friendship, world economy, terrorism, and international affairs, the poems take us on a path to discover a universe that is so perfect in its imperfection.

The emotions and thoughts central to Kapil Sibal’s life weave a rhythmic story of his ‘world within’.

Kapil Sibal A graduate of Harvard Law School, lawyer turned politician Kapil Sibal is not only known for his versatility but also for his ability to multi-task. He is the only lawyer in India to have had the privilege of addressing Parliament in 1993, in the historic impeachment proceedings of a sitting Judge of the Supreme Court.

He is a born reformer, seeking to guide the destiny of millions of children in India. He holds dual charge of the Ministries of Human Resource Development and Communications & IT. For his passion and relentless efforts in 2010, he was conferred the prestigious Stephen P. Duggan Award for Mutual Understanding, in New York, USA and the ET Business Reformer of the Year, in New Delhi.

The ‘Akash’ tablet, a low-cost access device, which he launched recenty nashing less than a technological revolution. He Avalved, in laying the communication, infrastructure the country to allow digital content to flow seamlessly reaching millions.

In his previous stint as Minister for Science & Technology he visited the Indian Station ‘Maitri’ in Antarctica in February 2004, thus becoming the first ever Member of Parliament to do so. He is also responsible for setting up the first Indian Research Station in the Arctic.

A Member of Parliament since 1998, he was elected trom the Lok Sabha Parliamentary Constituency of Chandni Chowk for two consecutive terms, in 2004 and 2009. representing the Indian National Congress. My World Within is his second book of poetry.

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Kapil Sibal
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